Resume for Utilization Management jobs for Physicians

Physician Non-Clinical Job is an exciting phase of your career. Most of us are eligible for these jobs if we have a few years of clinical experience and active board certification.

Training occurs on the job for almost all the jobs. They provide and train about the guidelines that we need to follow.

They need people who pay attention to detail, document clearly, handle stressful situations like conflicts calmly / professionally without taking it personally.

A few tweaks in your current CV or resume can help your resume stand out.

If you already have a professional CV for your clinical job, you can just add some extra features to the same and make a CV for Physician Non-Clinical Career job or specifically for Utilization Management job.

The following are some of the things that you can do to make your resume ready for a Utilization Management job.

1. Put a professional picture of yourself if you would like.

2. Your CV should tell exactly what you will bring to the table. It should show all the skills, training and experience you have so far that are directly relevant to the current nonclinical career. Focus on your strengths- such as organizational skills, process improvement, and ability to multitask.

3. Go through job description of your nonclinical job and try to fulfil as much requirements as possible if not all the requirements. Use the keywords that the job description has. Insurance companies hire us via their HR departments, so we need to be able to get past these HR people before physicians look at our resume.

4. Tell them exactly how your clinical experience so far makes you a qualified candidate for that non-clinical position. If you are switching from clinical practice, be ready to answer “why“. Make sure you make it clear about the length of your experience.

5. Explain how you can extrapolate all the knowledge and skills you have learned at the bedside.

6. Keep it relevant and remove all the unnecessary subtle things that do not add value to the current nonclinical job. Include any prior experience directly related to Utilization Management like HCQM certification, Quality committee experience, UM committee experience, any relevant courses taken etc.

7. Add any research experience, presentations or publications in the field of your nonclinical side gig that you are applying for.

8. If your new nonclinical job is a leadership position, include any kind of leadership position you ever held.

9. Show your CV to at least one or two people in the relevant field and ask for suggestions. You never know how useful this can be.

10. If you have a LinkedIn account [ideally you should have one by now], make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV or resume.

11. Having a great mentor in any field makes your success easy.

12. Finally, make your CV as a pdf document.

With these few tweaks, your resume should be ready to apply in multiple companies for a Utilization Management job.

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